GMVPS – An Institution With A Vision

GM VIDYANIKETAN PUBLIC SCHOOL had its humble beginning in 2005 under the banner of GM Education Trust. The School is affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi. GMVPS is nestled in a beautiful campus at Harady, closer to Brahmavar in Udupi district. The school has an enchanting view with its well designed constructions. The serene surroundings with the vibrant green environs attract the attention of everyone who enters the portals of the campus. The entire campus and its neighbourhoods are free from all forms of pollution.

The desire to give back to the society something of what they gained from it has prompted the Trustees to launch this well-equipped school. Here, we give greater importance to the child in the whole process of education, which is, of course, called as child centered education. Gone are the days of subject centered and teacher centered education. In child centered education the child is considered as a child and not as a miniature adult. Hence, education is not to be guided by adult expectations and norms. The concept of student centered education is based on child's interest, needs and capabilities.

We offer diverse co-curricular activities to our students which would enrich their multiple intelligences and boost their learning opportunities. The school climate is student friendly and very conducive to learning with its beautiful surroundings and excellent educational infrastructure. The school provides Co-education from Pre- Nursery to Class X.


The school is affiliated to the CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education, Delhi) and it follows the CBSE Syllabus. The medium of instruction is English. The national language and regional languages are given due importance.

The curriculum is formatted to impart knowledge, develop skills and foster attitudes essential for the growth of the student. This paves the way for a creative, yet constructive training for the individual.

Assessment And Evaluation

Students of classes I to X will be assessed in accordance with the Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation procedures as directed by the CBSE. Each student will be assessed and awarded grades as per CCE procedure.

The CCE is conducted in both scholastic and non scholastic areas. In scholastic area the evaluation is done through written and oral tests, mental ability tests, assignments, group or individual projects, group discussions, field trips etc.

The Kindergarten children will have only informal assessments and evaluation. However, at every stage we expect the children to achieve certain specific learning outcomes. Pre-Nursery children do not have any test.

Co-Curricular Activities

Co-curricular activities such as sports, games, art, craft, yoga, karate, music, dance etc are conducted throughout the year.

A number of Literary and Cultural competitions are organized during the academic year. They include singing, dancing, dramatics, public speaking, debating, talk show, JAM (Just A Minute), quiz, essay writing, versification, drawing, painting etc.

We have introduced several activity clubs like art club, science club, eco club, quiz club, speakers club, fine arts club etc to make the child select and develop his/her areas of interest. Educational trips, lectures by experts on various topics are being conducted at regular intervals.

Training in Fine Arts like art, music, dance, instrument etc are given throughout the year by the professionals.

Talent Show

Once in a month every class gets an opportunity to perform their talents before the whole section. The students present literary, cultural and recreational items with the guidance of the class teacher. It is not a competition but a win-win co-operative show exhibiting the talents of every student, individually as well as in groups. The inherent talents of children are recognized and appreciated by this programme. Children also develop their talents in different areas.

House Concept And Activities

To impact a healthy competitive spirit among the students and to inculcate the habit of working together and developing leadership qualities, an efficient house system has been introduced in the school. Each house is guided by house captains and in-charge teachers.

The total students are equally divided into five houses. This gives the students a sense of belongingness and helps them to fully understand the importance of team work. Innovative and challenging inter-house competitions are organized throughout the academic year. The winning houses are recognized and rewarded.

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