G M HOMES is a home away from home. Away from the parents, children learn to live the life of their own, of course with the guidance of the hostel authorities. Hostel is a place to live and learn. Children of every caste and religion live here in a friendly and peaceful manner.

We take both boys and girls in G M Homes. Children of class V and above only admitted in our hostel.

Hostel is not a place for leisure and luxury. The parents should not force their children to stay in the hostel. Instead, they should convince their wards the need for such stay. This would help the children to understand and adjust better to the environment around the hostel. The facilities available are basic in nature. The students are requested to understand and adjust themselves to the available facility in order to make their stay fruitful.

At the time of admission, the parents are requested to inform the hostel the complete medical history of the child, if they are suffering from any major illness/genetic disorders/behavioral problems etc. Any efforts to suppress these, if found, will be seriously taken.

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