About G M Pre-University College

G M PRE-UNIVERSITY COLLEGE as an institution constantly metamorphoses the face of undergraduate education, thereby culminating into a confluence of thought, knowledge and practices to facilitate the all round development of the individual. Established with a mandate to impart knowledge that equips and empowers an individual to take charge of the world around him or her, we have hitherto realized the same, by encouraging the development of values that make Pre-university education at our college stand out significantly from the rest.

At G M P U College, we sincerely intend and endeavour to bridge the gap between knowledge and theory through the efforts of the Faculty that make the learning process interesting, participative, multidimensional and dynamic.

Here at G M P U College, we offer a lot and we expect a lot. But if you have the commitment, the ability and the motivation, you can expect amazing rewards, exhilarating satisfaction and capability much sought after by the parents. The constant drive, unaffected by the extraneous influences and savoured by single-minded focus could fetch the best of results.

The facilities at G M P U College are indeed enviable. The serene and open environment simultaneously equipped with,state-of-the-art facilities cater to the needs of ever demanding students. Our emphasis on discipline is unrelenting. Students have their own space but with all the requisite checks and balances. Our task and endeavour is to provide the right platform and to guide students to windows of opportunities.G M Pre-University College is a modern powerhouse of education. Once you join, let me assure you that your stint at the institution will not merely be a passing experience; it would be a life changing experience. Think ahead of Pre-University education and join G M family for an exciting professional and personal growth.

Our aim is to prepare students who are technically sound, professionally competent and socially relevant.

College Highlights

Courses Offered

The college offers the following approved courses

Part – 1

Language : English and Kannada/Hindi

Part – 2

Science :

Bussiness Studies :

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