Our Motto - Education For Life

We have a holistic view of education which prepares the children to embrace a holistic view of life. One who has a partial view of life does not live a full life. Education is not limited to the textbooks or classrooms. It goes beyond the school campus. School education must prepare a child for the life ahead, overcoming all its challenges successfully. A child will have to learn to live his or her life participating actively in all walks of life – social, economical, political, cultural, spiritual etc. In fact, education is not merely a preparation for life but life itself.

Our Vision - Self-Realization

The attaining of knowledge is self realization. Therefore, a learner's aim is to achieve self realization. Without attaining the knowledge of the self, learning is incomplete. Self-realization is in itself a comprehensive ideal. According to Indian philosophy acquisition of knowledge is more important than the enjoyment of worldly pleasures.

Our Mission

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